1. What can I expect from my therapy session?
    During the first session my goal is for the client to feel comfortable and at ease. You will fill out forms and we will review them. Also forms are located on the website and they can be brought with you to the session. We will discuss the presenting problem(s), treatment goals, and confidentiality and its limitations. For therapy to be successful the client must be a willing participant.
  2. Is therapy confidential?
    In general, the law protects the confidentiality of all communications between a client and psychotherapist. No information is disclosed without prior written permission from the client. The exceptions required by law which are: suspected child abuse or dependent adult or elder abuse, if a client threatens serious bodily harm to another person, and if a client threatens to harm themselves.
  3. Do you accept insurance?
    Yes, please see the Fees tab for a list of insurance carriers used.
  4. Do you offer a sliding scale?
    Yes, a sliding fee is offered. Please call to discuss with therapist.
  5. How long do therapy sessions last?
    Therapy sessions last from 30 minutes to 1 hour. The session will last 1 hour.
  6. How can therapy help me?
    Therapy gives you the opportunity to talk with someone who is nonjudgmental and that can help you sort through the challenges. You may need someone to help you establish goals and to get them accomplished.